Elusyf Global is proud to have received the ‘International Innovation Awards’ (Product Category) for our flagship product, Mitos Activa, at the 2018 International Innovation Summit.

The Summit, organised annually by Enterprise Asia, a non-governmental organisation for entrepreneurship, showcases outstanding innovations by business enterprises that aims at strengthening sustainability in the Asian continent. The International Innovation Awards (IIA) is a highly sought regional recognition program that appreciates exemplary innovations and spurs continued organisational investment in sustainable innovations.

We are pleased that this unique award shifts the perspective that innovation represents solely technological developments, and promotes recognising innovation in companies across these elements – product; service and solution; organisation and culture.

Recipients of the IIA, are accorded the InnoCube™, an award made from aircraft grade aluminium depicting an “I” on each of its six sides signifying: Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation, Integration, Institutionalisation and Innovation.

We are delighted to be recognised for our sustainable efforts, but we are especially keen in extending these innovations to impact more lives and making the world a better place.