Sleep depravation is common issue battled by many. With the increasing number of people being tormented by insomnia, we felt it was essential to share some key knowledge on the topic. We dedicated ‘Awakening’, a three-hour Elusyf Lifestyle Series seminar to take to stage our gathered research and expertise; covering causes, symptoms and consequences of poor sleeping habits.

Thomas Dekker said, “Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together.” Truth is, sleep isn’t merely a part of our daily routine, but is in fact our body’s way of alerting us that it is time for ‘healing’.

Due to hectic lifestyles, we are constantly in search of ways to sleep less for more waking hours. Coffee and energy drinks have now joined rice and noodles as part of our staple diet. We deprive our body of adequate rest for extended periods of time and hope to recuperate over a short 3D2N holiday.

Having only a partial understanding of the importance of sleep and essential ways to solve or prevent sleep-related issues, has led to it becoming a deep-rooted problem. Our consultants designed fringe activities for attendees to learn about the topic through interactive boards and games. As a result, we were able to furnish the attendees with key information that would then guide them to make improvements in their sleeping habits.

We were pleased that our audience stayed engaged throughout our seminar and are eagerly looking forward to the next Lifestyle Series.