Managing Your Medications

“The person who take medicine must recover twice, once from the disease, and once for the medicine” – William Osler

Advancements in medication has accommodated mankind to engineer many remedies to counter and alleviate our ailments. Medications that seemingly help ameliorate our quality of lives, in the long run, turn out to be less than ideal.

In the deepest corners of our being, we want to avoid these situations but are unknowingly put on the spot due to insufficient care given when we were young. 2 in 5 Singaporeans aged 20 years and above suffer from at least one chronic ailment. Singapore tops the world in Diabetes, with one new case diagnosed every five hours.

Most medications contain synthetic compounds that are more harm than good. Inputting synthetic drugs into our bodies only targets the symptoms, leaving the root of the problem unsolved.

As a result, many who fall to chronic diseases begin a path of medication, switching from one to another until it no longer delivers its effectiveness. Eventually increasing their dosage or having additional prescriptions to counter side effects – an endless and relentless battle.

On April 17th, 2106, Elusyf Global hosted the second instalment of our Lifestyle Series. We covered the topic ‘Managing Your Medications’, to aid in the comprehensive understanding of the side effects commonly prescribed medications hold.

Our speakers discussed chronic conditions, such as, hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes, gout and arthritis. Besides the short and long term side effects of prescribed medications, our clients took back knowledge on natural ways to counter certain side effects.

We urge you to look forward for our upcoming Lifestyle Series, as we take giant leaps in empowering others with better lifestyle and health knowledge.