01/10/17 - Gift of Autumn

As is our tradition, Elusyf Global begins and concludes each year by fulfilling its social responsibility towards the community. With each unique event we have organised or participated in, we have had the pleasure to impact different spectrums of our community, volunteers and benefactors alike.

To commemorate the festive season of autumn, JCI (Junior Chambers International) Mandarin arranged for a volunteer-based project, ‘Gift of Autumn’. Working alongside JCI Mandarin (Singapore) for the second time this year, Elusyf Global is proud to have been the main sponsor for the distribution of #bagsfulloflove. 

On 1 October 2017, the event was held concurrently at housing estates in Bedok and Jurong East. Volunteers, apart from having donated an amount of their choosing for the charity, were also encouraged to join us on that day to help with packing and distribution of the #bagsfulloflove. An estimated 350 volunteers arrived bright and early in the day to share their love.

The extremely low income families we met, each received a bag filled with items ranging from food to basic necessities such as, toilet rolls and toothpaste. Our volunteers had the chance to interact with one another, many who shared similar community service interests.

Overwhelming generosity from many of our staff, their families and our clients allowed us to raise enough funds to aid these families. It was a pleasure to be able to reach out to these families and help lessen their burden, even if temporarily.

Charity begins at home but should not end there – a strong sentiment that is at the forefront of Elusyf Global’s operations amongst others. In the upcoming years, we will move forward in ensuring that our help reaches more people in our community.