21/02/16 - Meals on Wheels

With community care being a key pillar of the organisation,Elusyf Global believed in going above and beyond for its community involvement projects. Deviating from the familiar channels of charity such as donation drives, it innovated and inaugurated ‘Meals on Wheels’, a meal delivery programme designed to meet the daily needs of home-bound elderlies.

These elderlies who usually live alone, depend on volunteers from TOUCH Home Care to provide their daily meals. 

On 21 February 2016, Elusyf Global volunteered some of our wheels to bring meals to a community of people who have been receiving the aid of this programme. It was a heart-filling bright and early Sunday morning when almost 100 of our staff, clients and their families gathered to lend a helping hand.

While most food drives tend to collect unused canned foods to deliver, we decided to change things up and present a freshly prepared meal in collaboration with Greendot, a vegetarian gourmet provider. 

With their assistance, a fleet of cars and an assembly of volunteers, we set out to three different locations to hand deliver the prepared bento sets.

Though it was a short 2-hour event, it sparked sentiments of gratitude and a sense of responsibility to contribute more time and effort back to our community. We are very thankful for the overwhelming participation and appreciation from our volunteers for our community project.