Elusyf Global is not responsible for delays in the performance of its obligations under this Agreement when performance is made commercially impracticable due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

Conditions of Sales 


i) If for whatever reason I wish to cancel my order from ELUSYF GLOBAL PTE LTD products, I am required to:
a) Email us at
b) In the case where I have already received the products, by also returning the unopened products.

ii) I will receive a FULL Refund* on my purchase price if I wish to cancel my order from ELUSYF GLOBAL PTE LTD products within seven (7) calendar days from the date of purchase.

No refunds will be entertained after (7) calendar days from the date of purchase.

iii) Days, weeks and months mean calendar days, weeks and months, inclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

*As ELUSYF GLOBAL PTE LTD products are perishable goods, ELUSYF GLOBAL PTE LTD will not make any refund on any products whose inner seal / hygiene seal / air-tight blister pack has been broken / air-tight cap opened or the product packaging has been damaged in any way. A 10% “open box” administration and processing fee of the total retail price of any opened product box will be levied on my refund (even if the product’s inner seal / hygiene seal / air-tight cap has not been broken).

A 5% processing fee will also be levied against my refund for payments by credit card. Bank Transfer or Refund cheque will be available for collection no later than 30 days calendar days from date of successful refund application; and ELUSYF GLOBAL PTE LTD will notify refund applicant as to date of actual collection. Refund applicant must collect refund cheque in person, or by authorizing a representative by way of an authorization letter. Refund cheques uncollected after three (3) calendar months will be cancelled and ELUSYF GLOBAL PTE LTD will NOT entertain any requests for subsequent cheque re-issues; and refund applicant would be deemed to have waived his/her rights to any further request for refund and is so estopped in law.


ELUSYF GLOBAL PTE LTD reserves its right to dispose and/or deal with the products you have purchased and/or ordered at its sole discretion should the said products you have purchased and/or ordered remain uncollected for the period of more than one (1) calendar month from the date of your said purchase and/or ordered. In such a case, the Company will not be liable for any refund on the monies you have paid for the product(s) purchased price, and the Company should not liable to entertain any of your requests for the re-issuance of the product(s).


We provide a defect-free guarantee for our products. Defective products will be replaced by an identical product within 7 calendar days from the Purchase Date.



i) You expressly agree that any dispute you may have in relation to or arising from this Condition of Sales and/or from your purchase/use of ELUSYF GLOBAL PTE LTD products, it shall first be brought up to the company’s management for resolution, and thereafter to the Singapore Mediation Center (“SMC”) for mediation. In this regard, you expressly consent to ELUSYF GLOBAL PTE LTD applying for a stay of proceedings with costs on an indemnity basis against you should you initiate judicial proceedings without first attempting resolution with ELUSYF GLOBAL PTE LTD and thereafter mediation with SMC.

ii) This Condition of Sales shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore. In relation to any legal action and/or proceedings arising out of or in connection with this Condition of Sales (Proceedings) whereby the said dispute cannot be settle with the Company’s management, the Parties hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore Mediation of Singapore (SMC).

A faxed or online copy of this Agreement shall be treated as an original in all respects.