Takrayan Spicy Encounters

“All of your customers are partners in your mission.” – Shep Hyken

True Joy of Living. The vision and mission Elusyf Global stands by. However, to advocate this at a global arena as we hope to, we must move beyond client satisfaction and instead mould brand loyalty.

Our clients rank first in our list of priorities, therefore we explore unique events to show our appreciation for campaigning our vision through Elusyf SP800. As we acknowledge that our clientele is highly diversified, we strive to cater to individual segments to the best of our abilities.

‘Takrayan’ events were initiated to celebrate the culture, presence and contribution of a special group of customers in Elusyf Global. Our humble events in the beginning have now grown to commemorate the love and friendship of a large number of clients during our recent gathering on, Sunday, 21st August 2016.

Arrangements at a cosy restaurant in the west of Singapore, allowed us quality time with the women who have played a vital role in carrying our brand forward. The 6-course fine dining Indian cuisine was a treat for the taste buds as much as the event was treat for the heart.

It is highly gratifying to witness the bond that is forged amongst our clients and partners because the quality of Elusyf Global is not what we put into it but what our clients get from it. As we observe the pleasure of clients during such events, we are preparing to outdo ourselves in the next.


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