Seasons Specials 2 IN 1

The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.

As we continue to strive for excellence in our daily lives, our families are our greatest pillars of strength and support. It was with this notion that on a warm sunny Sunday afternoon we gathered to commemorate the support of over 100 of our clients and their families.

Elusyf Global organized ‘Seasons Specials 2 IN 1’, a day trip to Malaysia on 17th July 2016, where we disconnected from technology and connected with our families.

The day started with a free flow buffet of the king of all fruits - durian. Freshly handpicked and opened – the spread of sweet and bitter durians kept coming not until our cravings were satisfied. The visit to the farm left the creamy taste and rich fragrant of durian on our mouths and fingers.

Anticipating the upcoming shopping at a megamall, our clients began their practice by indulging in some potent and organic honey. During the short visit at the bee farm, many learnt about pure honey and its processing techniques. Shopping bags multiplied as we arrived at YOYO Confectionery, famous for its sweet treats.

We decided to complete the trip with a stop at AEON, Gargantuan Megamart. Even the heavy rain could not damper our spirits, encouraging us to creatively form a makeshift ‘umbrella path’ to shelter our clients to the mall.

While the young at age chose to fill their appetite, the young at heart unleashed their inner bargain hunter and scouted the mall for great deals. Many brought back souvenirs, treats to spread the love and joy we had on that day.

Droopy eyes, twitches of smiles and bags more than one could carry, were testament to a day well-spent in amazing company. Credits to our client community event team that tirelessly worked at ensuring all the minor details to make this trip a success.

They say, we do not remember days; we remember moments. As Elusyf Global soars to greater heights, we are committed to create many more such unforgettable moments.


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