Spin & Saveur

“Jobs fill your pocket; adventures fill your soul.” - Jaime Lyn Beatty

Did you know? The Chinese, practice a drinking culture that is seen as an essential part of forging successful business deals. Merely impressive grades do not scream ‘promotion material’ anymore. The knowledge and skill set you possess beyond your occupation could be the determining factor.

In our youth, we naturally explore places, people and opportunities. Then we enter the corporate world, brimming with ambitious aspirations to mould our future. We get caught up in the frenzy of deadlines and advancing up the corporate infrastructure that we develop a tunnel vision against trends or adventures around us.

The perspective of successful individuals materializes from constant exploration of the knowledge they lack. In Elusyf Global, we believe in developing character and cultural awareness that arises from unique exposures. Deviating from the multiple financial literacy workshops we have organized, ‘Spin & Saveur’ was our first lifestyle event.

Combining two luxury lifestyle elements, we opened the event at Alma, Goodwood Park Hotel with wine savoring. The French Cellar made arrangements for a closed door event where with the expertise of a connoisseur we appreciated different wine characteristics. Our tasters were not merely immersing their palettes but also their minds on how to assess the quality of wine through aromas and flavours.

The crowd was revved as some of our participants walked away winning some of the wine collection during a mini wine appreciation contest. To burn off the calories from the wine, we headed off to the world’s first Shimano Museum at Kallang.

Catering to our audience that day, Shimano Museum organized a ‘Spin Special’ which involved a comprehensive understanding about Shimano’s long standing history. There was a surprising amount of excitement because cycling happens to be the ‘new golf’. Its networking quality has increasingly drawn many to the sport.

Success starts from the mind and translates into actions. Technical and cultural knowledge paves way for actions to be impactful. With such events, we hope to continue delving deeper into understanding true joy of living.


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