Elusyf Achievers Retreat

Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.

In Elusyf Global, we advocate true joy of living in aspects beyond financial wealth, thus creating avenues for many to take chances and author their own bestseller. Our second Elusyf Achievers Retreat, EAR 2, is a four-day sponsored travel voyage awarded to some of our selected authorized resellers. The leisure itinerary allows for friendly exchange of ideas and enhances networking quality between consistent performers.

Our partners compellingly explore new travel locations, revealed only after the expiry of a qualifying period. As we are rapidly moving forward in pioneering our vision, our partners who endeavor along with us to attain excellence are accorded for their accomplishment.

During this leisurely trip at an exquisite location, our partners relish the relaxation and savor the time to recollect their thoughts. Quality time is carved to allow interaction with the founding partners and board of directors who are exclusively invited to grace the retreat.

EAR 2 bore witness to the aspiring, talented and committed partners who are the current and future representation of our brand. Their consistent participation has not only impacted our growth but will play an integral part in the blueprint of Elusyf Global for the next half-decade.

Successful corporations have strong cultures and work ethics as its foundation. With EAR 2, we look forward to establish the culture of drawing experiences and knowledge from accomplished peers. Observing habits of success others possess and seeking affirmation for ideas are a part and parcel, amidst the fun and joy at our trip. An efficacious learning environment as such, strengthens the vigour to progress faster in the upcoming years.

We look forward to our next Elusyf Achievers Retreat with another futuristic group of partners who will carry our infectious culture and vision further.


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