Same Old Brand New You

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room. - Jeff Bezos

With technology and social media, information is vastly accessible, changing and influencing consumer perception of a brand in an instant. In this day and age, brand power is determined by the values associated with it. The strength of Elusyf Global lies in its culture, upheld and paid forward through our partners.

To characterize a brand, majority of consumers draw references from how it is depicted by its ambassadors. For exemplary brand representation, we allocate added resources to host workshops for our partners. On April 3rd 2016, we coordinated, ‘Same Old Brand New You’, a workshop aimed at elevating our partners’ online and offline branding.

Living in the current digital era, our branding and development wing has recognized the impact of social media and intelligently weaved it into our business strategy. As a complement to that, this in-house workshop was catered to highlight the significance of impactful social media presence.

Professionals, such as founding partners of a design and marketing firm, social media ambassadors and photography experts were specially invited to present a beginners guide to maximizing the potential of the medium.

First impressions are formed within the first 6 seconds of a handshake. A befitting physical appearance enhances the influential ability of an individual. Arrangements were made with professionals from renowned grooming salons to demonstrate quick techniques of primping for a day of meetings.

Post the event, we observed the conscious effort by our partners to implement their learnings from the workshop, thus turning the spotlight on our vision – Vera Gioia Di Vivere.


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