Brand Ambassador

Marcus Chin

We are pleased to introduce Marcus Chin as our Brand Ambassador since the start of 2016. His stepping on board with Elusyf Global has raised awareness to our vision of advocating holistic wellness through the revolutionary discovery of nutraceuticals. Our collaboration not only created a buzz in the social media scene but among the pioneer generation in Singapore as well.

Marcus has been in the Singapore media scene for over 40 years. Artistes like him who are constantly in the public’s eye, face an obligation to always ensure that their physical image and reputation is upheld.

An artiste’s appearance directly affects his or her career progression in the media industry. Marcus has been in search for supplements that can help him preserve his youthful appearance.

As our vision and mission aligned with his personal values, he decided to appraise stem cell therapy and thus began his journey with Elusyf SP800. He quickly saw vast improvements in his energy levels and stamina during his regular swimming routines.

Having bagged many accolades for his various contributions as a host, radio personnel and television celebrity, Marcus has been known as one of those who is young at heart and now a testimonial of good health. Through his journey with us, we hope to impact the lives of many others and aiding them in moving closer to attaining their true joy of living.