Blazing 2017

“Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing what will be.” – Khalil Gibran

Picking up where we left off is too mainstream. That is why we welcomed 2017 with a ripple of changes, having one motto in mind – Think Bigger. While ‘Igniting 2016’ was a showcase of new business strategies and media presence, ‘Blazing 2017’ was all about innovation and moving forward with our global presence.

Whilst laying the groundwork to establish global presence, we made room for over 1,200 guests, including 50 of our Social Media Brand Ambassadors, at our ‘Blazing 2017’ Gala Dinner hosted by Orchid Country Club.

The red carpet event set the stage for the inception of our newly upgraded Elusyf Wellness Program. With its unique state-of-the-art technology, our program now goes beyond the cellular level and paves the way for scientifically proven combat for mitochondria dysfunctions.

Our program was innovated to be in line with one of our initiatives for the year - Go Green! Elusyf Wellness Program is now vegan, notably by the mindfully handpicked ingredients and distinctive encapsulation technology that requires no added chemicals.

Since our inauguration, Elusyf Global has strived to deliver on the core values of our organization, one of it being Excellence. Consistent efforts to advance our Wellness Program and events, are to guarantee standards in what our clients and stakeholders receive.

Advocating True Joy of Living for another year running, we had the pleasure of nominating 6 Wellness Ambassadors for 2017. Besides digitally recollecting the impact our Program has had for them, each of these individuals were physically present to share their journey with the guests.

The grandeur of the night exponentially increased as our guests also witnessed the unveiling of the first volume of ‘Gioia’, a publication which was initiated to be an annual journal carrying all the milestones of Elusyf Global. It was a proud moment as we displayed the hardback solely created by in-house talents.

Addressing the guests, our Business Development Director, Mr. Jason Chia said, “Whatever you can perceive, you achieve. If you believe it, you will see it. Let’s gear up towards a future of limitless possibilities”. His words resonated with the promise of expansion – an endeavor that Elusyf Global has undertaken towards the Glow with Us 2018 Gala Night.


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