Business Integration Trip

Elusyf Global hosted its second Business Integration Trip, BIT 2, over the 1st weekend of April, 2016. The three-day program is held for selected authorized resellers to network and be presented privileged information of future plans the company has in its pipeline.

BIT seeks to drive growth through the quality of experience in our resellers by enhancing effective exchange of ideas. This culture, transpired to our newest resellers, enables parallel growth between the company and its partners.

During the networking program at BIT 2, our partners are rendered opportunities to interact personally with the founding partners of the company and others who qualify for BIT. This fosters friendship, trust and commitment.

As we strive for excellence in our corporate functioning, we understand the importance of transparent communication for continued progress. Our partners who have completed this program are included in our inner circle of latest information updates, monthly, known as the 'Gold Card Series'.

Over its course of existence, this series has displayed accelerated performance and learning among our partners, enabling the company to scale greater heights in advocating its vision – Vera Gioia Di Vivere. We continue to take pride and immense joy in the service our partners provide whilst aiming to support them in their course.


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